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June 16 2014


March 01 2014


July 27 2012


OneSec iPhone App -- Indiegogo

1 3 oder 5 Sekunden: Video-Instagram. Cool ;)

April 24 2012


Start Mobile – Google macht fit fürs mobile Internet

Google hilft beim 'Mobilisieren' der eigenen Webseite.

March 21 2012


PayPal Here – it’s not about a dongle | mobile zeitgeist

Gute Analyse von 'Paypal here' aus Shop- und Konsumentensicht.

January 19 2012

January 10 2012


Mobilfunkexperten: Fragen & Wissen zum Thema Mobilfunk

Super, dei haben mir grade geholfen @tafkap
Tags: help mobile

November 03 2011


GoMo: An Initiative From Google

Google plant 'mobilisier'-.Sercvice für webseiten - "Millions more people are using mobile devices to get online every day. Does your business have a mobile-friendly site? If not—or if you're not sure—you've come to the right place to get started."

Skitch - Annotate, edit and share your screenshots and images...fast.

Screenshots & annotation - It's now on android AND free.

April 19 2011


March 29 2011


March 08 2011


March 03 2011


Jack of three trades, master of one: Ars reviews the Motorola Atrix 4G

Seit Jahren sage ich: es kommt das Mobile, das ich 'einfach' an Tasatur und Screen anschließe, oder das sich 100% mit meinem Desktop per Funk abgleicht.

Es ist da ;)

January 18 2011


January 06 2011


Android’s Users Eclipse IPhone’s for First Time, comScore Says - Digits - WSJ

Q: "About 26% of U.S. smartphone users said an Android device was their primary phone in the three months ending in November, compared with 25% using Apple Inc.’s iPhones, "

December 27 2010


Fred Wilson and Fortune are right about Android vs iOS (and everyone else), but I hate it — Scobleizer

Scoble:"Compare Android to every other platform and it stands up as the best choice. "

December 11 2010


facebookmarketing.de | Infografik – The Rise of Facebook Mobile

INteressante Statistikdaten zur Mobilnutzung von Facebook & allgemein.

December 08 2010


LeWeb Mobile Apps | LeWeb'10

"LeWeb mobile apps for iPhone, Android, WP7, Nokia and Blackberry available this year!"

October 02 2010

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