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May 30 2015


March 20 2015


How to Schedule Emails in Gmail for Sending at a Later Date

Schedule Gmail drafts to be sent at a specific day/time.

March 13 2014


March 04 2014


February 22 2014


September 03 2012


August 06 2012


October 27 2011


October 07 2011


Productivity Tools | David Seah

Schöne Werkzeuge und Formulare.

March 10 2011


New in Gmail Labs: Smart Labels - Official Gmail Blog

Neat, stuff that I was building by hand is noit at least a Labs feature: Auto-Labeling of email by type (bulk, Mailinglists etc.): "Automatically categorizes incoming Bulk, Notification or Forum messages. Filters are created to label mail with these categories and Bulk is filtered out of the Inbox by default. Use Settings -> Filters to modify these defaults or create new filters. Report mis-categorized email from the 'Reply' dropdown menu."

January 07 2011


Single Best Productivity Tip | zen habits

Collection of the best productivity tipps ever.

August 20 2010


July 22 2010


Introducing ThinkTank - Expert Labs

Gina Trapani: " When you run ThinkTank, you capture your updates on popular social networks (right now just Twitter, but Facebook is to come) and also the responses they elicit. Then, ThinkTank sorts, organizes, and filters those responses to make the most interesting ones bubble up to the top.

ThinkTank is an open source software project that's still in its infancy and growing fast, thanks to dedicated volunteer contributors who want to improve the platform for both themselves and the community."

June 20 2010


Kalender & Ratgeber kostenlos

ZU allen Themen rund um Beruf und organisation, nice.

June 08 2010


March 12 2010

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