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March 13 2012


January 17 2012


Google Sesame: bei Google einloggen ohne Passworteingabe

(Leider ein bereits wieder beendetes Experiment, aber es soll was besseres kommen ...) Ja, klingt komisch, ist aber cool ;)

November 29 2011


Fliers Still Must Turn Off Devices, but It's Not Clear Why - NYTimes.com

Grob gesagt: Dein Handy tut dem Flugzeug nix, es muss trotzdem aus sein. WEIL!

February 28 2011


Preview Short URLs | Lengthen ShortURLs so You Know where Your Going | ExpandMyURL.com Preventing Nasty Link Surprises

"ExpandMyUrl.com previews short URLs from shortening services like tinyurl.com, bit.ly and is.gd revealing where they go, so you don't get a nasty surprise when you get there
New: One click In page short link previewing tool for safe browsing."

January 13 2011


January 06 2011


January 05 2011


December 26 2009


August 25 2009

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