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RSS: interesting or boring? (Hint @marshallk and @louisgray, we’re not normal)

OG: "You might bwe right for the news business. But my customers - usually business bloggers who own the business (or are the business) are not in the news but in the conversation space. They want to talk to a few select bloggers in their fields and want to monitor the blogosphere for people to talk to and to exchange link love. Twitter lets you share status and links, but it does not et you show expertise and it only allows for limited converstaion. In FB and FF your utterances are to widespread to be read as 'your thing'. so those are good vor conversation, but not for reputation or for buildung audiences. If follow U on Twitter, but U are just ONE voice in 2000+ I follow. The few dozen Blogs I follow have a far greater 'converstaion value'. And yes; I also gave up RSS foor Twitter for some weeks, but Twitter, FF and FB hardly replace Blogging and RSS."
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