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August 07 2012


January 25 2012


Second Life | Linden Realms

Aha. Linden Lab macht den Zynga ;)
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October 30 2011


March 14 2010


January 22 2010


Second Life’s economy grows 65% to $567M | VentureBeat

"The company said today that the total size of the Second Life economy grew 65 percent in 2009 to $567 million. By the company’s own estimate, that amounts to about 25 percent of the entire U.S. virtual goods market." OG: IN Gespreächern fällt öfter mal abgfällig der Name 'Second Life' für einen unnötigen Hype. Derweil weise ich immer mal drauf hin, dass unbeachtet von den medien bzw. der Papierpresse SL fröhlich weiterwächst. Z.B. um 65% (sic) in 2009.

November 11 2009


October 30 2009


August 26 2009


Computerspiele : Das zweite Leben der Online-Welten - Netzwirtschaft - Wirtschaft - FAZ.NET

Was denn für ein niedergang von SL? Das boomt weiter unbemerkt von der Presse weiter vor sich hin.

July 30 2009


July 13 2009


Does Anybody Still Use Second Life? And If So, How Much Is It Worth Today?

OG: Second Life... lebt... --------------- "First of all, you may be wondering if anyone is still using Second Life at all. The answer is yes, and users are very active on there. During the past 30 days, one million users logged in, according to Second Life’s own statistics. In average time spent per user per week, Second Life in fact trounces all other MMORPGs, including World of Warcraft and Civilization IV. In another testament to the service’s apparent stickiness, the number of hours users spend on Second Life has been increasing steadily and is currently at historic highs, totaling approximately 124 million hours in the first quarter of this year."
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