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October 05 2014


April 29 2014

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December 28 2013


Facebook Werbung: Alles, was man wissen muss

Facebook werbetipps - die ggf. den deutschen Datenschutzrecht widersprechen könnten (Listenabgleich).

October 18 2013


July 27 2012


Facebook Promoted Posts vs Sponsored Stories | SEOmoz

Wie man mit Know-how über Facebook-Werbeformen Geld spart.

January 24 2012


October 17 2011


Easily Buy and Sell Advertising Space at Droodly.com

Klignt interssasnt: "Easily buy and sell advertising space. The ad space auction platform for everyone. Ad Space Sellers Create your own auctions to sell your advertising space. Web page real estate, physical signs, video, audio, moving objects, and more."

April 22 2011


Facebook Studio :: Homepage

"Facebook hat unter dem Namen Studio jetzt einen Community für Seitenbetreiber, Kreative und Fans eröffnet. Unter anderem mit Kampagnen-Showroom: "

January 19 2011


Man Uses Google Ads to Get a Job

Ein Mann hat für seien Bewerbung genau 6$ausgegeben und Google Ads auf die Namen der Leute angelegt, bei denen er sich berwerben wollte, so dass die beim Ego-Googeln auf ihn stießen.

A FB ad targeted at one person (my wife) - Gabriel Weinberg's Blog

Wie man eine FB-Ad auf eine Person zuschneidet.

Facebook Ad Board

Hier sieht man, welche Ads Facebook einem selbst 'getargetet' zeigt.

June 17 2010


Twitter Rolls Out New Ads in Trending Topics Section

Nein nein, das ist doch kieien werbung.*grins*. aber tolerabel, denke ich.

July 21 2009


About PayMeTweets

og: I am not sure I like this: ."PayMeTweets is the first “Micro-Promotional” tool for true Twitterers and is completely different from any other pay-to-tweet service. To Sell Influence: Twitterers follow @paymetweets on Twitter for tweets they like and then RT them. (Click on the tweets RTee.Me link.) It is that simple. Just like regular ol’ Twitter except you are being paid for your influence. With PayMeTweets, you know exactly what you tweet and exactly how much you make when you do it. Influence? Yes, PayMeTweets calculates the value of your influence and pays you accordingly. The credit you receive for each RT can be cashed out or reused to pay for your own promotional RTs. To Buy Influence: You offer your tweet on PayMeTweets where other Twitterers will RT it for pay. You pay only if you get RT’d. Depending upon influence, your RT may cost as little as a few pennies to no more than $20 (for Twitter’s heaviest hitters).(,,,)"

June 22 2009

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