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July 20 2011


December 20 2010


McKinsey-Report über Nutzen von E20 : Enterprise 2.0 Initiative

"McKinsey spricht davon, dass durch die Anwendung der Web2.o-Prinzipien eine neue Art von Unternehmen entstehen die sie als “networked enterprise” bezeichnen. Die Ergebnisse dieser Studie weisen darauf hin, dass Organisationen die als “fully networked” bezeichnet werden eine höhere Wahrscheinlichkeit haben Marktführer zu sein und höhere Umsätze und Gewinne als weniger stark vernetzte Unternehmen aufweisen."
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November 20 2009


Throwing Sheep: The Blog · Web 2.0, Human Nature, and Philosophy

Excellent overview on the state of "2.0" and figuring out differences between Government, Marketing and Enterprise 2.0 (what I always say 'social media' does not really describe ir nor is web2.0 a term that is precise enough to cover all these aspects.

November 11 2009


September 03 2009


Social Media - Strategic Information Sharing | Andrea Vascellari

My comment: Well, I think we are talking 'social' here. Which mainly applies to the relationship of persons (companies cannot blog, companies cannot be 'social', only peple can blog or be social). So the questions are really: - how is sharing handled within the company? - hos is sharing handled between the company, its customers and partners? As far as sharing to the outside goes each 'communicator' would have to know where the limit is between 'saying what I see and think' and 'giving away information that is business relevant'. Only because I read your blog and bookmarks and because you read mine - we could never swap positions (although we worked like one brain at DLD ;) ). So just because you 'sahre' you are not giving away stuff. You show what you think and though that become a valuable conversation partner for others. "Valueable conversations" is what used to be called "work" in the 'old economy'.
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