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December 21 2011


This Is Why You Were Unfriended | LinkedIn

Schöne Statistik, dei das "Freundesammeln" als Minderheitenhobby identifiziert,

April 21 2011


Facebook Has Quietly Implemented A De-Facto Follow Feature

Was wirklich passiert, wenn man bei Kontaktbestätigungen in FB auf 'not now' klickt.

January 12 2011


Facebook runs on a very stiff, crude model of what... | Stowe Boyd

Q: "Facebook runs on a very stiff, crude model of what people are like. It herds everybody — friends, co-workers, romantic partners, that guy who lived on your block but moved away after fifth grade — into the same big room. It smooshes together your work self and your home self, your past self and your present self, into a single generic extruded product. It suspends the natural process by which old friends fall away over time, allowing them to build up endlessly, producing the social equivalent of liver failure. On Facebook, there is one kind of relationship: friendship, and you have it with everybody. You’re friends with your spouse, and you’re friends with your plumber.”
Lev Grossman’s profile on Mark Zuckerberg for Time"

June 02 2010


Friendcup - no Tags, just Cups :) on Facebook

Echte Freunde will man immer dabeihaben. en projekt aus Austria

August 27 2009



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