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December 16 2009


Be Google und der Journalismus öffnet seine Tore » F!XMBR

OG. Skandal Google darf kostenlos paid content lesen ;)

July 21 2009


About PayMeTweets

og: I am not sure I like this: ."PayMeTweets is the first “Micro-Promotional” tool for true Twitterers and is completely different from any other pay-to-tweet service. To Sell Influence: Twitterers follow @paymetweets on Twitter for tweets they like and then RT them. (Click on the tweets RTee.Me link.) It is that simple. Just like regular ol’ Twitter except you are being paid for your influence. With PayMeTweets, you know exactly what you tweet and exactly how much you make when you do it. Influence? Yes, PayMeTweets calculates the value of your influence and pays you accordingly. The credit you receive for each RT can be cashed out or reused to pay for your own promotional RTs. To Buy Influence: You offer your tweet on PayMeTweets where other Twitterers will RT it for pay. You pay only if you get RT’d. Depending upon influence, your RT may cost as little as a few pennies to no more than $20 (for Twitter’s heaviest hitters).(,,,)"
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