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December 20 2010


Google Shared Spaces

Funny way to 'kill' wave: Just rename it ;)

November 25 2010


WaveProposal - Incubator Wiki

Rettungsvorschlag füre wave

August 07 2010


live.hackr : Wave Runner

GUtre Bemerrkungen zu RIP Wave
Tags: wave google

live.hackr : Wave Runner

GUtre Bemerrkungen zu RIP Wave
Tags: wave google

March 20 2010


March 09 2010


January 17 2010


Kein Erdbeben in Haiti oder folge ich herzlosen Menschen? — juh's Sudelbuch

Sehr lesenswerter Artikel über Weblogs, Microblogging, Wave etc. und unsere Verfügungsgewalt über das 'gesprochene Wort' im Netz.

December 09 2009



ein dokuwiki zu wave, Cute ;)
Tags: wave google

November 22 2009


The Top 11 Google Wave Robots for the Enterprise | CloudAve

Some great hints on useful Google Wave Bots.

October 29 2009


October 23 2009


Mozilla Labs » Raindrop

Die antrwort auf Wave: "Raindrop is a new exploration by the team responsible for Thunderbird to explore new ways to use open Web technologies to create useful, compelling messaging experiences. Raindrop's mission: make it enjoyable to participate in conversations from people you care about, whether the conversations are in email, on twitter, a friend's blog or as part of a social networking site."

October 15 2009


Die besten Wave-Erweiterungen im Überblick | Wave Inside

Schöner überblick im inoffitziellen dt. Waveblog

October 12 2009


Parkrocker.com » Google Wave-Bots

Auflistung mit Bots für Wave

October 02 2009


September 03 2009



What will happen with this once Google Wave comes? --- What's a "flow"? Flows organize your group communication in Shareflow. You create a flow, give it a name, and invite who you want to participate. Some people think of flows as "folders" for organizing group communication. For example, a flow can focus on a particular topic, such as "hiring" or "marketing". You can also create a flow to be more like an open-ended chat room. Flows give you the flexibility to be as focused as you want to be, with the people who matter most.
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